BEAUTY & DIY: Aqua Beach Nails


The trend this summer, aqua. Another trend is having an accent nail, it’s actually super popular right now. The most common is the ring finger, though the index and middle finger coming into a close second and third. I decided to experiment with a variety of blues and greens, because they look a little like fish scales.

Aqua Beach Nails.


 What You Need:

  • Base Coat (Aqua was used in this experiment)
  • 4-7 different shades of one colour
  • Nail dotter (or a toothpick)
  • Clear top coat nail polish (Rapid Dry Top Coat from OPI)

What to Do:

  1. Paint all finger nails base colour
  2. Pick which finger you want to design (index, middle, or ring are the most popular)
  3. Start at the tip of the nail (with your nail dotter/toothpick), switching between colours in a horizontal line
  4. Once finished use a rapid drying clear coat
  5. Once dry, apply another clear coat