BEAUTY: Product Review, Get a Pout Worthy of a Sports Illustrated Cover!

pursed mouth

Ladies, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we each have our own silly little insecurities, that our friends may roll their eyes at, but that legitimately make us feel lesser in some way. For me, beyond the typical and obvious (I hate my stomach, I wish my arms were toned, I want bigger…), one feature that I’m always envious of on other women… are lips. I wish I had a glorious cover-girl worthy pout! From Kate Upton to Kim Kardashian, one of the features on other women that I almost always look at first, are how luscious their lips are. Because of my own “white-girl-lips” (see: non-existent), I have tried my fair share of lip-plumpers, liners, and lip high-light tricks, to try to fake a fuller pout. It has taken me a few years to find a worthy product to add to my daily routine… enter XL, by Soap and Glory!

I have been a Soap & Glory user for years, loving their amazing (and saucy) line of body scrubs and moisturizers. I was so excited when a Shoppers Drug Mart near my office began carrying a few of their products, so I didn’t have to constantly fight my way through the crowd of teen girls in Sephora that always surrounded the Soap & Glory setup, enamored by the pink packaging, but never actually buying the products.
My favorites included their scentual (not sensual, scentual… I can make up words, as I’m the blog writer here – ok?) “Scrub, Actually” body scrub, that left me feeling squeaky clean, moisturized, and smelling amazing, as well as their “You Won’t Believe Your Eyes” eye serum, which helped my terrible under-eye bags and swelling during allergy season.

These products were a lush little addition to my shower and prep routine, and held a special place on my favorites list. That is, until, I was introduced to their Sexy Mother Plucker lip gloss – a lip plumper that had just the right amount of colour (my favorite was their peach hue called “Pink Apricot”), and left lips feeling pouty and full.

When a friend gave me my first tube of S&G’s Sexy Mother Plucker lip gloss, I was skeptical; I had tried plumpers in the past that had let me down, including a few that had left me with a result that resembled an allergic reaction. FYI – I don’t look cute with bee-sting looking lips once they begin to turn purple…

S&G’s gloss was the perfect subtle plumper that not only plumped my lips, but my confidence as well. I suffer from a very serious condition that many refer to as “white-girl lips” (ie: having no lips), and it is something I have always been self conscious about. Not being ready to take the plunge into the world of plastic surgery (yet…), I enjoy a quick-fix from time to time.

Fast-forward, and imagine my elation and pure delight when I walked into a nearly-empty Sephora, and found a Soap & Glory lip product I hadn’t used before, on a shelf that wasn’t surrounded by teenyboppers! This is the part of the blog where the heavens open, and a beam of radiant sunlight shines upon the name: Sexy Mother Plucker XL Extreme-Plump Collagen Lip Shine.

After using the Sexy Mother Plucker gloss for so long, I started to notice that I was feeling the plumping tingle less and less, as if my lips were growing more accustom to it, and I really missed the buzzing feeling I got when I knew my pout was subtly inflating. When I saw the “XL Extreme-Plump” tube of delight on the shelf, I knew it had to be mine. I hadn’t even left the store yet (I think had actually only put 3-steps between the register and I) when I opened the tube and tried the lip shine for the first time. One word: Heaven. The clear gloss went on my naked lips in an even, luxe coat, and began to work immediately. I pulled out a compact mirror from my handbag, and was delighted by what I saw – ladies and gentlemen (er, gentlemen, why are you reading this?) – I had an upper lip! Don’t believe me? Check out the Before and After shot, below!

I read over the box and noticed that S&G suggests the use of their Mother Plucker lip shine prior to trying their XL gloss, and as a past-user, I would agree. If you’re ready to try a plumper, start small, because the tingling can take some getting used to. Some of my friends that tried it after hearing my rave reviews felt that the tingle was too intense or uncomfortable for them, so trying the new XL lip shine would be excruciating for them. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but you really should familiarize yourself with the feeling of using it before trying the more intense version!

Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about this lip shine – It applies well, looks great over other lipsticks (and still does the trick), and lasts longer than other plumpers I’ve tried. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a new gloss on the market, but please, try to remember that if you kiss someone while wearing it, they’ll get the tingle too… slightly awkward the first time I used it, and he felt the transferred-tingle post kiss.

Pictures below to see the glorious transformation of my previously non-existent upper lip!