DATING: Top 4 Lies Told By Male Online Daters

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When it comes to online dating (or any type of dating, actually), lying about yourself or your past is a huge no-no. Seriously, what is the point of telling lies from the very beginning? It’s impossible to form a real relationship if the entire thing is built on false information. Luckily online daters can reveal most lies by looking their potential dates up on a site like Instant Checkmate, which allows you to search public records.

You could potentially find out shocking information such as prior arrests or criminal convictions. But you can also find out some other, smaller details that people tend to lie about such as job, income, prior marriages and much more. Check out the list below for the top four lies told by MALE online daters!

1. Job

For men, their job is a status symbol, or at least that’s what they believe. Most men think that having a great job will make them appear more attractive to potential romantic partners. On the same note, they also believe that having a not-so-great job will make them seem less attractive or desirable. So what do they do? Well, they lie. Obviously with this type of lie, the truth is bound to come out sooner or later, especially if the relationship progresses into something more serious. But, nonetheless, men often lie about their profession on their dating profiles in order to achieve a higher “status,” even though that status is false.

2. Appearance

When it comes time to fill out the “appearance” section of their online dating profile, men are quick to fib or fabricate their stats in order to seem more physically attractive. The most common thing they lie about it their height because most women are attracted to tall men. They may add a few inches to their height just to look better on paper. Unfortunately, this lie becomes blatantly obvious when they come face to face with their date because guys can’t just strap on a pair of heels to fool the world into thinking they’re taller than they actually are. Another common thing men lie about is their physique, and most male online daters choose the “athletic” option when it comes time to describe their stature. Sadly, though, many of these “athletic” dudes are actually quite the opposite!

3. Income

Just like the job category, men also have been known to lie about their income. Adding a few zeros never hurt anyone, right? Wrong! They may get away with it in the beginning, but when they start struggling to pay for expensive dates and fancy dinners, it becomes pretty clear that “money bags” over there chose to exaggerate the extent of his income. Seriously, guys—just tell the truth! You’ll be much better off in the long run, and you’ll avoid those pesky gold diggers that run rampant on Internet dating sites.

4. Criminal History

Obviously online dating sites don’t require users to disclose their criminal history in their profile, but once a relationship sparks up, these details are bound to come up at some point. Men might get asked, “Have you ever been arrested?” or “Have you ever spent time behind bars?” Even when the answer is “yes,” men often choose to lie about these pertinent details because they think they can get away with it. Sure, women don’t exactly prefer to date criminals, but if a man is honest about his past, he has a much better chance of forming a relationship as opposed to lying about it and being found out later on.

What other details do YOU think men are more likely to lie about when it comes to online dating? Let us know in the comments!