DIY: Fun Nails For Work, or The Beach!


It’s very hard to mix being professional at work and fun summer nails. I think this pattern works for both.

I did all of this free hand (but if you have clear tape it would be a bit cleaner)
What You’ll Need
  • Base Coat
  • Accent Colour
  • White or Black Nail Polish
  • Small Brush
  • Clear Coat Nail Polish
  1. Pick your base coat. Something bright or neutral depending on the occasion.
  2.  Pick your accent or tip colour (preferably something that compliments the base coat)
  3.  Start halfway down in the middle of the nail and move to the tip going on a slight angle out on both sides
  4.  With a small brush outlining the tip colour to help clean up lines a bit. Choose either a white or a black to make sure not to take away from the design
  5. Paint with a quick drying top coat