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DIY: Valentines Day Crafts

Posted February 4, 2014 by Danielle Walker in Babes Dig Style
DIY: Valentines Day Crafts

DIY: Valentines Day Crafts

February is here…which means all the candy your little heart desires will soon be on sale! And Valentine’s Day will also soon be here. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start decorating your house and creating fun gifts and Valentine’s cards for your friends! Here are some DIY ideas to get you in the holiday spirit. (There are even some anti-V-day ideas for those of you that don’t like the cheesy, Hallmark card holiday!)

Wreaths are a great way to show off your craftiness and creativity! Most wreaths are fairly easy to make and the supplies can be found at your local craft store.  Here are a few ideas of cute Valentine’s Day wreaths:

This heart wreath is simple and super cute! If you can’t find a heart shaped wreath, a circle one could also work. It is time consuming, but it looks great! This wreath will cost anywhere from $5-10 to make.

heat shaped wreath from

This wreath has more going on and includes a picture frame, which seems to be a big trend in wreaths right now. You can make everything yourself and can tweak it to say whatever you want! This wreath will cost only $5 to make!
Printables are a cute, easy and free way to decorate your house. All you need is a color printer and some cute frames. If you don’t already have frames, that will be the only cost this craft will require. Check your local thrift store for frames!

new valentines subway artHere are a couple of websites that offer free printables:

Banners and Ornaments
Banners are definitely a huge trend right now. You can get really creative with this decoration and make a banner that will fit your style. You can use ribbons, fabric, or paper. Here’s some ideas:
ribbon   heartbanner







My crafty mother always decorates our mantels and light fixtures with these ornaments. They are super cute and super easy to make. You can find directions on how to make these cute ornaments here.

Have more DIY ideas? Let me know about your favorite DIY’s on twitter @dwalker425 and follow @babesdigstyle


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