FITNESS: Workout of the Week: Nike Training Club


Word on the street is, strong is the new skinny. With so many different ways to workout, getting into a new routine can be tough. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be profiling different workouts and letting you know how they rank. So I invite you to join me on this fitness journey, and hopefully find a something that fits your schedule and budget!

For Week One I decided to give Nike Training Club a shot. It’s a free app for your phone that is bursting at the seams with workouts you can do just about anywhere. All you need is a medicine ball, set of dumbbells and a lot of motivation!

The app breaks workouts up by fitness level, goals and time. If you’re beginning on a time crunch or a fitness pro with time to kill, you’ll find a workout that fits your style. You can knock out a 15 minute targeted area or a 45 minute high intensity workout with short breaks factored in.  Each workout Is measured by time, not reps, so it’s up to you to push yourself through it all.

While the app is free, you’ll certainly pay for it the next morning.  The day after my first workout was one of the toughest days I had in a while.  The workouts are similar to what you’ll find in a fitness bootcamp, minus the instructor.

On that note, while the workouts are great, you are the only one to motivate yourself. If your self control is questionable, this might not be the best workout for you. If that’s the case, try it with a friend so you hold each other accountable.

Nike is running free summer sessions in Los Angeles, so I dropped into a class on an overcast Sunday morning with my best friend. Needless to say it was the longest, and most painful hour of that week. However, the results you see from those who have committed to the workouts are incredible and motivation in itself to keep pushing through!