Nicki Minaj Party Dressing Tips

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 27: Nicki Minaj attends the 2016 Fashion Group International: Night of Stars at Cipriani Wall Street on October 27, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Nicki Minaj has shared her party dressing tips that Vogue has shared this week.

Here is what the hip-hop superstar had to say:

  • Instagram: Take pictures of yourself before you leave so you know how your outfit will photograph and what angles capture the best shot.
  • Do You: Wear what’s comfortable for you, and do you. You can never go wrong with being yourself.
  • Feel Yourself: Dressing up should be fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make a statement. You don’t know how something looks until you try it on.
  • The Devil Is In The Detail: I think about my outfit carefully, and I enjoy the whole process from selecting the accessories to applying my make-up. Every detail is important to me.
  • Own It: Own your look. It’s all about being you and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is sexy.
  • Curfew, What Curfew?: Good friends, great music, a fierce outfit and no curfew are the secrets to a good night. Oh, and a cute boy.

Here are some fashionable pieces that were mentioned in the post: