We are the ‘babes’ behind Babes Dig Style. Yes, we’re dogs and we love working on this website.


I’m the leader of the pack. I was born in 2006 and I’ve been the unofficial mascot and/or watchdog for a number of websites and brands that you may have heard of.

Right now, I’m probably out by the pool in beautiful South Florida, Or I am begging my mom and dad for another treat.

When I am not doing that, I am here….doing this.




I was born in 2016 and I bring the energy to this website. I love to chase the ball, no matter where it’s thrown and I LOVE playing with my sisters.

When I’m not looking at cool stuff on Babes Dig Style, I’m doing laps in the pool or wrestling with my sister Quinn.



I was born in 2017 and luckily I found a good home at 1 month old. I was really sick, so my parents had to nurse me back to health and now I love life, my home and my family and I love the websites I work on.

When I’m not on Babes Dig Style, chances are I’m chasing my sisters, falling in the pool like a dope or chewing on something I’m not supposed to be chewing on.

Hope you like the website!