TALK THAT TALK: Technology + Dating

He always ignoring me.

Dating Sucks.

Or does it?

In our text happy Facebook obsessed social media world, everything becomes an update, or a filtered Instagram of our mood (or meal.)

The problem?

We rarely do anything face to face or over the telephone. Sadly, it seems that the days when we anticipated the anxiety induced “I’ll Call You” have been replaced with Status Updates, and Check Ins. No longer does the tummy do backflips when the phone rings; we now get excited if someone “Likes” our latest picture. Flirting has gone from hoping he will be at the local bar, to lurking Twitter to see where he is and nonchalantly being there.

While this spells convenience, the surprise and mystery of romance gets tossed out the window. The anticipation gets lost; we know too much information.

At first glance this can make dating easier, but not so fast. Because dating is a numbers game, you may be competing with Dude’s other five hundred Facebook friends.  This is maddening.

Social Media is the culprit for our constant need for stimulation. We document everything; when we aren’t Posting we are Pinning; when we aren’t Checking In we are Tweeting about that amazing sushi place. Everyone is busy, everyone is constantly doing something, and the days of booking a Friday night by Wednesday has turned to dust.  Calling a girl on the telephone and asking her out? Ancient. Get the gist?

The perks of Social Media are that we are never short for information. In five minutes, we can find a recipe for dinner, a wine that matches, and a “Friend” to join us. If not, just log on to Plenty Of Fish; there are more than enough bored people eager for some face time. (Quality is not guaranteed, mind you.) It is all about instant gratification. We have lost the art of the asking. We Poke people we are interested in, Like their profiles and text LOL as an easy inapt response.  How romantic.

It is time to turn the page folks. Yes, that amazing YouTube video should be shared, and using Facebook to get your flirt on is cute, but we need to up the ante. Let’s bring the talking back into dating. Guys, pick up the phone! Dare I say, get to know someone outside of the streamlined version of what they want to show.  What a concept! Why don’t we discuss this over a cocktail? I’ll call you.