Top 8 Dreamiest Quarterbacks in the NFL


Football just isn’t football without the Quarterback, right? Well, I’ve managed to gather the 8 dreamiest, cutest, good-looking, and flat out HOT QB’s in the league. Did I miss anyone? Cause CLEARLY I was too busy drooling while putting this together! Wowza!

8. Ryan Tannehill

I am a Miami fan through and through and with that said, I just think he is adorable!



7. Tony Romo

He may try and cheat for first downs, and may be a tad overrated. But one thing is for sure, he is a cutie! Especially while wearing a baseball cap.

tony romo


6. Tom Brady 

Love him or hate him. He is quite dreamy (even with that chin).

tom brady


5. Mark Sanchez

He is that guy who is famous for his “butt fumble”, but looks wise? PERFECTION! That complexion and that curly hair,  is just.. WOW!

mark sanchez


4. Aaron Rodgers

He is just that guy you picture when you think of the perfect NFL quarterback. AKA, ridiculously dreamy!

aaron rodgers


3. Tim Tebow

OK, so, he isn’t exactly in the NFL this very moment. But, this guy deserves to be on any and every ‘dreamy’ list. PLUS, he is such a nice guy. How could I not?

tim tebow 2


2. Cam Newton

Those pearly whites, that skin tone, and all that confidence that oozes out of him. What. A. Hottie!

cam newton


1. Colin Kaepernick

I’m sure you figured out he would be the number 1 pick cause, well, he is number 1 in all of our hearts. He has the bad boy image, but manages to stay classy. All while looking like a God…. (Drools.)

colin 2


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